Pearl Wise for Show


Pearl Wise for Show includes:

The Cultured Pearl Grading Board (Dimensions: 7 – 1/2″ long x 5–1/4″ wide) – The grading board is at the heart of the all of our grading systems. It features saltwater and freshwater cultured pearls arranged by color, blemishes, and luster, with a key on the back.

The “heavily blemished” pearls have the unique feature of a magnetic closure allowing  inspection of the drill holes, a common area where blemishes are found. (Pearls are graded without magnification, on a neutral surface, about 12″ to 18” away from the pearls.)

Tri-Fold Grading Reference Card – made of paper that is tear-resistant and water-resistant, the reference card is an illustrated, instruction set with directions, diagrams and charts for judging cultured pearl body color, surface quality, blemishes, nacre thickness, shapes, size, and matching by cultured pearl variety.

Protective Cover – This cover is made of the same type of felt upon which the cultured pearls rest and can be used as a neutral grading surface.

Retail Display Box – This faux-leather, snap-tab box is perfect for a professional presentation of your Pearl-wise grading board. Your pearl-wise grading board, protective cover, and tri-fold reference card fit perfectly into the elegant display box. Includes a felt necklace board and two-piece packer for safe storage.


Additional information

Weight 13.55 oz
Dimensions 8.625 × 6.625 × 1.625 in

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