Accurately grading pearls in a consistent and defensible manner is imperative for your business profits and reputation. 

  • We provide you with the tools and training to do it right!

Join us at the  AGTA gem show in Tucson, February 1 through 6 2022. We are located on the main gem trading floor, booth #1715. We would love to show you our family of products.

Pearl Wise Products

  • pearl wise pro
    pearl wise pro







  • Diversify your jewelry line and make more sales.
  • Sell more cultured pearl jewelry, sell it confidently, and sell it for more.
  • Win customer confidence when you demonstrate your pearl expertise.
  • Quickly and easily show your customers the range of differences in pearl quality.
  • Learn to look with knowledge when buying cultured pearls.

On-line Retailers:

  • Make more sales and create more satisfied customers.
  • Describe pearl jewelry with confidence and accuracy.
  • Buy cultured pearls with knowledgeable eyes.
  • Be a trusted on-line pearl specialist.

Auction Houses:

  • Get top dollars for cultured pearls at auction.
  • Provide potential buyers with visual reinforcement.
  • Sell more premium pearl jewelry.
  • Describe pearl jewelry with confidence and accuracy.
  • Use a visual display to up-sell cultured pearls.


  • Expand your expertise and expand appraisal revenue.
  • Graded and value cultured pearls with confidence and accuracy.
  • Have the best pearl grading tools available.
  • Complete your gem lab with a compact and portable pearl grading system.
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