Accurately grading pearls in a consistent and defensible manner is imperative for your business profits and reputation. 

  • We provide you with the tools and training to do it right!

Thanks for visiting us at the  AGTA gem show in Tucson in 2023.

This year’s show dates are January 30, 2024 through February 4, 2024. We will be located on the main gem trading floor, booth #1715 in 2024.

We look forward to seeing you again!

Pearl Wise Products

  • pearl wise pro
    pearl wise pro






  • Diversify your jewelry line and make more sales.
  • Sell more cultured pearl jewelry, sell it confidently, and sell it for more.
  • Win customer confidence when you demonstrate your pearl expertise.
  • Quickly and easily show your customers the range of differences in pearl quality.
  • Learn to look with knowledge when buying cultured pearls.

On-line Retailers:

  • Make more sales and create more satisfied customers.
  • Describe pearl jewelry with confidence and accuracy.
  • Buy cultured pearls with knowledgeable eyes.
  • Be a trusted on-line pearl specialist.

Auction Houses:

  • Get top dollars for cultured pearls at auction.
  • Provide potential buyers with visual reinforcement.
  • Sell more premium pearl jewelry.
  • Describe pearl jewelry with confidence and accuracy.
  • Use a visual display to up-sell cultured pearls.


  • Expand your expertise and expand appraisal revenue.
  • Graded and value cultured pearls with confidence and accuracy.
  • Have the best pearl grading tools available.
  • Complete your gem lab with a compact and portable pearl grading system.

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